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Czech neotokyo fanpage aimed for czech and slovak speaking players, often updated with news, competitions and media.
A really nice looking Russian fan site. Cyrillic ftw! BOLSHOI SPASEEBA.
An news site for german players of NEOTOKYO.

The main site for NEOTOKYO AUSTRALIA. There is also a steam community page is here.

Want to play some serious NT? Check out #ntpickup, an IRC channel on the gamesurge network dedicated to pickup games. Here's their steam group page as well.

Zombie Panic is based on the classic zombie outbreak scenario, ...the living dead are coming for the last remaining humans, and these survivors must fight them off and live through the day. And ummm... it has zombies... what more is there to say?

A cyberpunk game for the Source Engine. These guys have put in a ton of work, definitely check out this mod. Lot's of customization of your player with augmentations, so you can create how you want to fight.
(btw.. these guys served up over 720 gigs of NT installers during release! Big thanks from the NT team, this was amazingly generous and shows the quality of character that Team Dystopia has.)

Insurgency simulates modern infantry combat that doesn’t just encourage the use of teamwork and tactics, but makes it a requirement of survival. A quality mod well worth checking out.

Age of Chivalry is a first person medieval online game developed by Team Chivalry. NT devs have played the hell out of this mod. It's super fun and addicting, with really good gameplay. Plus there is really nothing quite like the feeling when you decapitate a fellow dev, and then teabag his corpse, while your platemail squeaks as you crouch up and down. Good times!

De facto site for everything relating to mods. There are tons of great mods to be found, with modders putting in a lot of hard work so you can have FREE fun, dig into this site and find something to play!

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