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july 04, 2014 : 4:20pm --- (pushBAK)

k.. it's up! Thanks to everyone who loves this game. NEOTOKYO4EVA!

BIG BIG BIG THANKS to PSYCHONIC, CHRISK , and VIOLENT CRIMES for their help with fixing the in-game server browser.

june 30, 2014 : 8:01pm --- (pushBAK)

NT finally on steam.. release date set for JULY 4th. (Pending approval from Valve). Should be good to go.. the only bug is unfortunately it can't be run higher screen res then 1920 X 1200, otherwise the UI breaks and you can't click buttons cause the alignment goes funky (like offset by certain amount of pixels). SORRY FOR THAT BIG MONITOR PPL! Maybe run windowed on big ass monitors using 1920 X 1200 ?

september 29, 2013 : 11:16am --- (pushBAK)

Good stuff happening here on TWITCH. Very cool. GO GO GO! activeNEOTOKYOplayers :)

january 17, 2013 : 10:10pm --- (pushBAK)

Hello everyone reading this... We just updated NT with a few new maps, and some weapon re-models.. and finally fixed the infamous "left-lean bug".. so now there is NO SHAME IN LEANING LEFT because you are now appropriately exposed like you would expect from a corner lean. So veteran players just need the PATCH INSTALLER.. and new players should get the FULL INSTALLER..

neotokyo client download (january 17, 2013)

FULL INSTALLER :------> DLOAD "FULL INSTALL" CLIENT    Use this installer if you do not have NT installed.

PATCH INSTALLER :------> DLOAD "PATCH INSTALL" CLIENT    Use this installer if you want to patch your current NT.

FULL INSTALLER :------> FULL INSTALL TORRENT    Use this installer if you do not have NT installed.

PATCH INSTALLER :------> PATCH INSTALL TORRENT    Use this installer if you want to patch your current NT.

Big thanks to AGIEL, TATSUR0, GLASSEATER, and GATO for all their canadian online casino hard work to get this patch out.
If you are curious to see some images of the new maps.. click here
* New ZR68C/S/L and MX/S-5 models.
* Details added to most other guns.
* Tweaks made to smoke and frag grenades to make them easier to distinguish.
* New darker Jinrai skins.
* Changed default key bindings to be more consistent with other games.
* Changed default server config (3 minute round time, first to score 7).
* Made HUD icons more readable against bright backgrounds.
* Left lean exploit fixed.
* New maps:
* Updated maps:


neotokyo recon NSF

need a server?

Special thanks to:



april 2, 2012 : 9:22pm --- (pushBAK)

NODACHI put on a single elimination tourney. Big ups to all the teams that participted. :)

You can see the results HERE.

nodachi march-madness neotokyo tourney

november 13, 2010 : 12:22pm --- (pushBAK)

Found this nice vid made by CHOMEDIAVFX ...

december 15, 2009 : 8:35am --- (pushBAK)

*NEW TEAM ZANSHI has won the NINE SISTERS TOURNAMENT. They're an amazing team and deserve a lot of respect for their skill, smarts, and teamwork. And a big thank you to ECO for going the distance. The final was 8-5, and although ZANSHI won, ECO put up a tremendous fight. The NINE SISTERS smile down from the unisphere, may they protect your neural pathways until post-combat recovery teams can salvage your consciousness. :)

december 04, 2009 : 6:33pm --- (pushBAK)

*NEW So the NINE SISTERS TOURNAMENT is almost complete. You can read about the matches here, and if you want to watch the semi-finals and final, they'll be broadcast on sourceTV. Just join the NINE SISTERS TOURNAMENT steam group, and you'll get updates on when to tune in.

november 24, 2009 : 10:35pm --- (pushBAK)

Nothing much to report, but there's a tourney happening soonish for any interested clans/groups. It's called the NINE SISTERS TOURNAMENT.

october 23, 2009 : 12:20pm --- (pushBAK)

*NEW Patch is out. You can find a list of mirrors on our downloads page.

You can also access the mirror links from our forums here.

Also we're releasing the NEOTOKYO fgd in a little NT_SDK kit. It has the fgd, and a couple sample maps, so if you feel inclined to make maps best online casino, now's your chance. It will be on modDB soonish :)

october 22, 2009 : 6:23pm --- (pushBAK)

Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson of Valve Software came by my worksite the other day during their Australia trip (I work in New Zealand). So I managed to get a picture with Gabe when my boss was giving him a tour around the building.

pushBAK and gaben( leri greer and gabe newell photo)

october 20, 2009 : 8:16pm --- (pushBAK)

NEOTOKYO Client Patch 1

Hey all, we're releasing the NT Client Patch 1 this friday (10-23-2009) finally. It addresses a bunch of existing issues with the current release, and includes 7 new maps plus a night version of nt_dawn_ctg now called "nt_dusk_ctg." Hopefully we can get a changelog together and post it here or on the forums sometime soon. We've updated our ModDB page with some media showing the maps that are being included in the patch.

On a random note, Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson of Valve Software came by my worksite the other day during their Australia trip (I work in New Zealand). So I managed to get a picture with Gabe when my boss was giving him a tour around the building. I'll do a little write up and show and tell in my next post.

august 27, 2009 : 10:07pm --- (pushBAK)

Working towards a first client patch addressing a ton of stuff needing to be fixed. This patch will will also have some of the remaining unreleased maps included.

august 04, 2009 : 9:24pm --- (pushBAK)

Some links to check out. If you have a site related to NT that you want us to put on our links page, post about it in our forums, and we'll add them as we see them.

july 18, 2009 : 4:13pm --- (pushBAK)

Our online tutorial is finally up. This gives a pretty good overview of NT, and how to play the current gametype, CTG(capture the ghost).

july 11, 2009 : 12:31pm --- (pushBAK)

Our first post-release *NT ServerPatch version 07102009* (JULY 7, 2009) is now available for server admins to download.

- Fixed numerous server crash exploits
- Fixed numerous game play exploits
- Added global bans for numerous cheaters, exploiters, and griefers (yay!)

july 11, 2009 : 12:48am --- (pushBAK)

july 5, 2009 : 11:26pm --- (pushBAK)

We want to thank everyone that has downloaded and tried the mod, as well as thanking all the people that have put up servers. We'll be getting a game-info/manual thing up in the next couple of days hopefully. We realize it seems weird to release a game with no explanation of how to play it, but I guess that's how we roll!?! Anyways we'll correct that as soon as we can. There's an existing .pdf manual but its pretty ghetto looking atm, so hopefully soonish we can tidy it up and get it online. :)

In the meantime you can check our NOOB HINTS to hopefully help you decipher some of the complexity of the current gameplay. They've been up for a while, but the site was so hammered from release stuff that many of you probably never got a chance to see them. And of course we'll be trying to get the forums back up.


The NEOTOKYO download mirrors, and server files have been put on the download page.

july 2, 2009 : 3:43am --- (pushBAK)

BIG THANKS to everyone that's shown interest in the mod over the last 24 hours. It's been really nice seeing all the encouraging words. And a big thanks especially to everyone putting up servers... obviously the mod wouldn't be able to exist in the public without your support. *****NEOTOKYO SERVER FILES will be distributed SOMETIME during july 2nd (The person putting the stuff together is in North Carolina if that helps with understanding the timing!). And again for SERVER ADMINS... feel free to join our IRC channel - #NTservers - on the gamesurge network for more up-to-date info.


The last of the player model shots are now on the media page for those interested. MEDIA PAGE COMPLETE!

*****updated 8:12pm july 1, 2009 : 9:43am --- (pushBAK)

NT IS RELEASING SOMETIME ON JULY 3RD (friday EST). So start spamming the refresh button on that day.

*Note to server administrators for NEOTOKYO: We are only supporting windows servers initially, ...we do not have linux support right now. We will support linux as soon as we can get to it. If you plan on running a server please join our IRC channel - #NTservers - on the gamesurge network for more up-to-date info.

Some helpful information about the release...
- Neotokyo will be available for download at various sites and torrent.
- Download links will be released in our irc #neotokyo on bestaucasinosonline gamesurge network during our release party. Then posted here and elsewhere.
- This first public release will contain 10 maps total ...all capture the ghost gametype.
- We recommend max 24 player slots. (9v9 to 12v12 are best as far as gameplay and flow). 32 players is fun but a bit spammy.
- Total size of the installer is about 900megs and unzipped is 2gigs.
- In order to run NEOTOKYO, you need to have any game that gives you the source sdk base installed.


Ryan Anderson (stenchy) has posted a third ModDB feature article. It's an interview with Ed Harrison, our music/sound guy.

ModDB NEOTOKYO article

There's also a couple more player model shots on the media page for those interested.

june 25 2009 : 8:17pm --- (pushBAK)

Ryan Anderson (stenchy) has put up his second ModDB feature article. It outlines the use of vision modes in a short write up, with some screens and a short video.

ModDB NEOTOKYO article

There's also a couple more player model shots on the media page for those interested.

june 18 2009 : 7:51pm --- (pushBAK)

Ryan Anderson (stenchy) over at ModDB has put together a nice write up about the first NT mod we made back in 2004, with some insight into how it led to the current mod we're about to release. He's also kindly put together a selection of concept art and illustrations detailing the making of NT over the years. You can check it all out right here. And apparently he'll be writing a few more features leading right up to release, so keep an eye out.

ModDB NEOTOKYO article


In keeping with our promise of PR and media blitzing here's our twitter, facebook, and youtube links... basically getting the word out. We're just trying to snag as many people as we can so the servers are full at release time. We feel it's our sworn duty to give you as much of a "target rich" environment as we can on launch day. :)

june 11 2009 : 10:05pm --- (pushBAK)

In preparation for the pending release, we've made some friendly noob hints for those of you who want to get a bit of a jump on how to play NT. These actually pop up between rounds during your class/weapon selection, but if you'd like to have a look at them before the game comes out, here you go. They mainly cover our initial release gameplay type "capture the ghost," with some other tips and hints thrown in. We'll periodically make more (as needed) for the other game types coming in future releases.

NEOTOKYO noob hints

As far as development goes... the mod is essentially done. We've just got a few things to tidy up (double checking to make sure maps don't have problems like not enough spawns for large player counts, working with server admins to see if their admin tools are essentially compatible with NT, fine tuning a couple weapons for balance, etc..) We're also going to try and get the word out a little more aggressively by doing the usual PR stuffzzzzz.

Hopefully soon we can get a proper official tutorial going, and some announcements/info (max player recommendation, release map list, server stuff, last of the media, etc...) As soon as we've locked down these things, we'll post it up.

may 28 2009 : 8:36pm --- (pushBAK)

We invited NOPK from / PODCAST17 fame to play NT and give his impressions. His write-up is here. And you can hear a bit more in an audio interview here. --A big thanks to the PODCAST17 folks for having a couple of our devs on the show. :) --

Also the media page is finally getting filled in.. all the map and weapon shots are up. We just need to showcase the rest of the player models, and hopefully get some gameplay vids going.

apr 21 2009 : 10:47pm --- (pushBAK)

Hope everyone that bought the OST is enjoying it. I'm sure Ed Harrison really appreciates the support.

We're steadily attacking the last few things needed to be done before release, as well as ramping up our playtesting with larger player counts. 32 player NT is fun, but it's looking more like a game that's better somewhere near 16-20 (or 8v8, 10v10, etc.)

We have 20 maps ready to go, but have decided on 10 for first release, maybe 11. The rest of the maps will be released with whatever patching needs to be done in the weeks after that. (bug fixing, fixing exploits, etc..) Big thanks to the ZPS testers, TDR testers, CVG testers, and all the people from the forums and IRC that have jumped in to help fill player numbers, it's very much appreciated.

mar 07 2009 : 9:30am --- (pushBAK)

The NEOTOKYO OST is here, a 27 SONG - DOUBLE CD! Info on our music page.
OR if you don't want more info, you just want it ... go here (

mar 06 2009 : 8:31pm --- (pushBAK)

   We got second place for "Players Choice : Best Upcoming Mod". Thanks to everyone that voted for us, we really appreciate it.

Congrats to all the other mods! If you are one of those people that spends your free time making games for others to enjoy, the NEOTOKYO team salutes you. Modding is a tough pastime, and if you are sincere in what you're doing, you have our utmost respect.

o/ \o <-- high five

feb 08 2009 : 7:02pm --- (pushBAK)

Couple more new images in our media section, and if you haven't checked the forums ever, but would like to get some more info about NEOTOKYO, there's a pretty good Q&A put up by DEEJ (our level designer).

jan 03 2009 : 7:25pm --- (Tatsur0)

   Voting is now on at ModDB so go vote for your favorite mods!  

And also you can hear a second installment of the Development Banter audio show on ModDB.

And lots of new stuff in our media section.

dec 14 2008 : 9:31am --- (Tatsur0)

NEOTOKYO trailer is up. Thanks to Monkey-Junkie (James McVinnie), and everyone who helped put this together.


dec 13 2008 : 5:02pm --- (pushBAK)

Just put up six sample music tracks you can listen to. Check the music section for more info.

Also a few more images now in the media section if you're interested. :)

nov 30 2008 : 12:56am --- (Tatsur0)

There's a few new things in the media section now!

NEOTOKYO is nearly finished and is in the last stages before release. We will be periodically showcasing new stuff which will include screens of our finished maps, weapons, player models, music tracks, and our Official NT Trailer ... All leading up to a release date announcement, so check back occasionally. :)

nov 28 2008 : 11:49pm --- (pushBAK)

ModDB was kind enough to interview us for their Development Banter audio show. There's also a couple map shots there as well. Big thanks to Dave Traeger (Henley) and Ryan Anderson (stenchy) of ModDB for putting it together.

nov 05 2008 : 10:34pm --- (pushBAK)

Here is the new site, ... and the forums are back up. We are gearing up for release (believe it our not).
NEOTOKYO has been in production for 4 years, ... bascially 6 guys working as many weeknights and weekends as we could steal from our other responsibilies, making a game that we wanted to see made. It's been a labour of love, with lots of ups and downs, and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it.
Keep an eye out here in the coming months for the actual release info. And feel free to hang out with us on IRC